Vapour Propane Torch Kits - 100% Safety Shut-Off

Vapour Propane Torch Kits - 100% Safety Shut-Off

Part Number: FT15-500SV

110,000 To 410,000 BTU Torch Safety Valve, 15 Ft Hose & Regulator

  • Provides instant heat for many applications
  • Heavy Duty design and construction
  • Allows full use of fuel in propane cylinder
  • Adjustable heat to suit your many uses.
  • Asphalt melting, stress relieving
  • Drying roofs, thawing/ice melting
  • Weed burning, pre-heating for welding


Category: Torches - Vapour Torches


Fuel TypeVapour Propane
Heat Capacity110,000 to 410,000 BTU/HR
Gas Pressure5- 30 PSi
StructureSCH 80 Pipe
Needle ValveLH Thread
Dimensions/ Weight28” x 6” / 3.50 LBS.
safety Shut-offYes